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Watch the Video of “The Female Athlete and Concussions”


The video of our Spring 2011 Distinguished Lecture on “The Female Athlete and Concussions” is now available online, free of charge.

Featuring Mary Jo Kane, Ph.D., Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, Ph.D., Jill Brooks, Ph.D., and Aynsley Smith, Ph.D., R.N.

Recent research findings in multiple academic disciplines have sparked a much-needed national conversation about the rising incidence, severity, and consequences of sport-related concussions. This conversation has also raised our awareness, increased our educational efforts, and spurred policy changes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of concussion-related research and public dialogue have centered on male athletes, specifically at the professional level. Yet concussions—and their devastating consequences—affect athletes in all sports and at all levels, regardless of gender. This has prompted scholars to ask: Do gender differences exist in sport-related concussion risk, symptoms, outcomes, and recovery? To address these critical questions and issues, nationally recognized experts discussed the latest research about what is known and not known regarding the impact of concussions on female athletes. Strategies for future research, as well as educational and prevention efforts, was also discussed.

To watch the video click here. (forward to about the 7mn mark to bypass introductions)

To access free sport concussion materials for parents, coaches and athletes from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) click here.

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