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3 Concrete Actions That Can Make a Difference for Girls & Women in Sport


On November 2, 2011 we, the Tucker Center, hosted a one day conference on creating change for girls and women in sport. There was a great deal of dialogue amongst participants as to how to achieve such change. You can see the collage of pictures from our Photobooth on our Facebook page. Here are 3 that stood out:

1. VOLUNTEER. Get involved with an organization and volunteer your time. Ask how you can help. Many organizations survive due to the time and energy given by volunteers. There are countless ways to help…how and where are you volunteering?

2. Support and promote women’s sport by visiting, increasing pages clicks, posting comments, and sharing links of blogs via Twitter, email or Facebook (or other social media outlets) that support and discuss issues around women’s sport. By doing so, it provides concrete evidence to sponsors, advertisers, and editors that people in fact DO care about women’s sport and there is value in covering and investing dollars in advertising. If you want to start now, go to

3. Similar to making page clicks on women’s sport blogs, BUY TICKETS to women’s sport events. Make it a goal to attend at least one event at your local college, university or professional women’s sport team. If you feel really inspired, buy season tickets. Bring a friend or two who have never attended, take your son and his friends and expose young boys to the athleticism of great female athletes, take your whole family!

What ideas do you have about concrete action strategies? Post a comment and share your idea.


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  1. 11/14/2011 8:24 pm

    Great article from the Tucker Center – If we want sports opportunities for girls and women to continue to grow, it is imperative that we support those sports at all levels. Those levels include youth recreational and competitive, high school, college and professional. We want them to exist, we like the IDEA, but we are not always taking the necessary steps to secure them. Suggestions of volunteering, supporting, and buying tickets are dead on. Sports are beneficial for the development of girls and women, but women’s sports should also take their rightful place as entertainment options that will showcase the elite athletes in the respective sports. It’s time.

  2. 01/05/2012 8:54 pm

    I will offer an idea as well.. PLAY. Graduating college doesn’t mean the end of sports for adult women. Nor do we need to shy away from sports that seem to be only for men. Here in MN we have the Minnesota Machine women’s tackle football team. Currently accepting players for our 2012 season, first game in April, practice begins NOW. For more info, check out the website or look up Minnesota Machine on facebook.

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